21 x 21 x 3 cm

Edition of 12 

Collaboration with Mazachi Home Ceramics
Moscow, Russia

Images: Anya Mokhova Studio


Tender March unites women-lead creative businesses to develop a limited series of ceramics, all sales from which will go towards support of the Sisters centre, which helps those with experiences of sexual violence. a limited series of porcelain plates is a result of collaboration between artist Anya Mokhova, ceramics studio Art Detox, lingerie brand Corpo Diem, Qari Qris jewellery and jewellery show room Saharok. The project aims to support women who are going through a rough period in their lives. 

The objects rethink visual side of classical sculptural draperies: contemporary lingerie outlines are embedded into porcelain. Through sensual textures and epheremal details, the plates for keeping small objects such as jewellery and other nice things serve as a reminder for loving and appreciating oneself at the same time sending a hint on feeling favorite lingerie on the skin.