'Art in Interior' art festival by BoConcept and UALAR

June was a great month for happenings. Anya co-organised (UALAR) and contributed a work to the art festival 'Art in Interior'. A ten-day event gathered 15 artists in two different BoConcept showrooms around Moscow to introduce ways art could be displayed in interiors rather than gallery spaces. Festival comprised talks and workshops, so artists engaged with audience to speak about fields of their work. Misha Levin gave a lecture about contemporary art, Anastasia Russa gave a talk about contemporary painting and Zhanna Bobrakova and Fedor Toshchev spoke of photography and their practice within this field. 

Anna with other art and design professionals: Irina Kolosova (Institute of Art Business), Zhanna Bobrakova (Artist), Olga Zeen (Cap America), Marina Makeeva (BoConcept).

Images: BoConcept