Introduction to Contemporary Art Summer Course Leader

This year Anya was appointed and delivered a short course on contemporary art at the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow. The projects, lead by professional from the field, suggested students explore contemporary dance, sculpture, sound, print, moving image, analog image making techniques, painting, and print. The course finished with an exhibition at the ex-factory Pluton.

Sculpture module on 'Contemporary Art' course

Anya has been appointed to lead a sculpture module on a new course at British Higher School of Art&Design. A two-year 'Contemporary Art' programme pushes students skills in the first year, introducing them to various strategies and techniques. Students worked in the school workshops with wood, plastic, plaster and found objects and materials. 

Collaboration with KSENIASERAYA at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Anya Mokhova collaborated with Ksenia Seraya to create a series of wearable art objects for the show at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, which took place from the 11th of March to 17th of March at Manezh, Moscow. 'Element' collection  A/W’2017 – 18 by Ksenia Seraya is inspired by the history of Arctic exploration and powers of the physical phenomena belonging to the territory. 

In the art objects, Anya  looks further into the questions of temporality and space, referring one on hand to the archival evidence of explorers’ presence, on the other - to the processes linked to Arctic territories. Performed in contemporary industrial material, the objects serve as reminders of clear icy forms and human attempts of exploring it in a fight with the nature elements. Through wrapping the body parts as if ice melting from the touch of warm hands, shoulders and neck, the objects are an independent inquiry into the collection topic, yet its extension through the examination of new forms, changing after the collection silhouettes.

Orientation to Art & Design Course in Moscow

Anya is appointed to lead a 6-week course in art & design, which is to happen four times a year. One has just finished and a new group is to start in a week. Students had lots of fun learning new techniques and approaches. It is great that such vibrant places as MMOMA and Garage welcomed the group for some sketching sessions.




'Art & Design in Practice' short course

This July Anya lead 'Art & Design in Practice' short course for a small group of students from I-L. The course aimed to introduce creative disciplines through practical work and hands-on experimentation. This involved drawing, making, collage, print and textile studies. Students also completed two inspiring field trips to Garage MCA and MSU Botanical Gardens in Moscow.



'Art in Interior' art festival by BoConcept and UALAR

June was a great month for happenings. Anya co-organised (UALAR) and contributed a work to the art festival 'Art in Interior'. A ten-day event gathered 15 artists in two different BoConcept showrooms around Moscow to introduce ways art could be displayed in interiors rather than gallery spaces. Festival comprised talks and workshops, so artists engaged with audience to speak about fields of their work. Misha Levin gave a lecture about contemporary art, Anastasia Russa gave a talk about contemporary painting and Zhanna Bobrakova and Fedor Toshchev spoke of photography and their practice within this field. 

Anna with other art and design professionals: Irina Kolosova (Institute of Art Business), Zhanna Bobrakova (Artist), Olga Zeen (Cap America), Marina Makeeva (BoConcept).

Images: BoConcept

'Techniques in Contemporary Sculpture' course leader.

Anya was appointed to lead a summer course at British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. The eight-day course aims to teach sculptural techniques through a series of experimental exercises in the school workshops. The 'Techniques in Contemporary Sculpture' pinterest board shows some images of what the students will aim for. There is also full description of programme and an interview with Anna on the BHSAD website.

'Lichno' group show

This month Anya was invited by a fellow artist to take part in an exciting group show 'Lichno', which took place in a historical apartment. See how the work fitted into interior! 

'Locker room' opening party

Great news: after some time spent working in different spaces, Anya gathered with other 5 artists to rent a fantastic 125 square meters space in an ex-factory in Moscow! As translated from Russian on the official door plate, the space is was a real locker room for female workers of the factory. All painting done, guests welcome! Alongside with Anna, the residents are Nadya Borovikova, Matthew Merrik, Maria Agureeva, Alice Kern, and Anastasia Venkova. 



The open horizontal feminist festival

Anya was one of the initiators to create an independent artist event planned to happen around 8th of March to celebrate international women's day. With a great team effort of artists and curators, a 'Mozhno Poznakomitsya?' emerged: an exhibition and a series of talks taking place for three days in an ex-retail space at Petrovka, 15 (now 'Untitled'). Event was a part of the Open Horizontal Feminist Festival

Participants: Zhanna Bobrakova, Kitty Brandon-James, Evgeniya Chassagnard, Yanina Chernykh, Dasha Gusakova, Ksenia Lukina, Anna Mokhova, Evgeniya Nozhkina, Tanya Zommer.

Partners: Cafe Michel Art, UALAR, Centre Sisters, Urbanfeminism 

Images: Olga Kramar

Round table with Kitty Brandon James, Anna Mokhova, Zhanna Bobrakova, Evgeniya Chassagnard, Ksenia Lukina, Yanina Chernykh.

Round table with Kitty Brandon James, Anna Mokhova, Zhanna Bobrakova, Evgeniya Chassagnard, Ksenia Lukina, Yanina Chernykh.