A set of wearable objects
Dimensions vary

Collaboration with Ksenia Seraya Fashion Knitwear
Moscow, Russia

MUA: Juice MUA
Images: Turkina Faso


Collection  A/W’2017 – 18 by Ksenia Seraya is performed in a collaboration with artist Anya Mokhova. The collection is inspired by the history of Arctic exploration and powers of the physical phenomena belonging to the territory. 
Ksenia refers to the clash of two cultures: the one brought by the Arctic explorers from West and the traditional one belonging to the tribes of North, exploring ways to merge strict elements of formal dress with forms, textures and patterns of the traditional costume and ornament of locals. In the art, artist Anya Mokhova looks further into the questions of temporality and space, referring one on hand to the archival evidence of explorers’ presence, on the other - to the processes linked to Arctic territories. Performed in contemporary industrial material, the objects serve as reminders of clear ice forms and human attempts of exploring it in a fight with the nature elements. Through wrapping the body parts as if ice melting from the touch of warm hands, shoulders and neck, the objects are an independent inquiry into the collection topic, yet its extension through the examination of new forms, changing after the collection silhouettes.